Chiclayo Full Day Tour

Sipan Archaeological Full Day 

AM We start this expedition visiting HUACA RAJADA, place where the Lord of Sipan was found, together with his rich funerary belongings. Then we will visit the HUACA RAJADA SITE MUSEUM, that shows us a clear view about the contrsction of this pyramid, and its functions in the Moche civilization, this way we will get to know more about the Lambayeque people and culture. 


We travel to the small town of Tucume. Here we find the famous TUCUME PYRAMIDS. This place is known as the valley of the pyramids, due to the several mud brick buildings. The site is surrounding by mistery which its ancient temples will take us to pre columbian times. We will hike the Purgatorio Hill, and then we visit the new TUCUME MUSEUM. This museum displays many objects found in different pyramids during the archaeological diggings.

senor de sipan lambayeque

We continue our archaeological adventure, that take us to Lambayeque. Here we visit the ROYAL TOMBS OF SIPAN MUSEUM. This flat-topped mochica like pyramid shaped museum, hosts one of the richest treasures of the planet, the belongings of the Lord of Sipan. The showcases keep safe several artifacts made of gold, silver and semi precious stones, also cotton textiles and feathers. The rooms show us all the wealth of the royal moche people and their great methal-work. Beautiful chestdresses, earrings, noserings, crowns, etc, are part of the worthy findings in Huaca Rajada (Sipan), and that now are kept in this modern Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum. In the last room, there is a diorama with life-size characters, that show us the Lord of Sipan and the royal moche elite.

museo tumbas reales

Whta will you see?:

  • Huaca Rajada (Cracked Pyramid) + Huaca Rajada Museum
  • Tucume Pyramids + Tucume Musuem
  • Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum

Duration: 8 hours

Included: Hotel pick up, transportation, guide and entrance tickets

Not included: lunch

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